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38 Oracle Card Deck 

You are a living Soul in a human body having human experiences. Times in our life we often look for guidance, seen and unseen. Using this deck and instructional booklet created by Lana Louise will connect you to your consciousness, your higher power. Get to know your soul and guide you through your life's journey. Having a relationship with you includes a deeper connection with Trust, Faith, and Intuition. By shifting, listening and growth, we are more able to heal, release fears and navigate in uncertain times. Your Soul never stops speaking to you. It is that interactive relationship, inner guidance, and connection with the higher power. You will be guided gently and lovingly to a higher level within every breath you take. 


A Soul's Journey Deck was created to empower you to understand the story of your fate, soul, destiny and free will. It will allow you to understand, trust and live in a deeper purpose, and connection with your soul and the light within. 

A Soul's Journey Oracle Deck

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