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I highly recommend Lana as a truly gifted psychic/medium.  The love and compassion she has for all people comes through in all her readings.  During a reading for me one day and without my saying a word, she was able to pick up on a concern I had for a friend waiting for medical test results.  Lana, with 100% accuracy, stated the exact health concern, what it was and where it was.  She even told me my friend’s first name! She has also been able to share information about an item in someone’s house that relatives in Heaven commented about.  Lana also predicted a future encounter with an old family friend whom I hadn’t seen or spoken to in 15+ years that completely came true; which blew me away! She is sweet and Absolutely The Real Deal!

Cheryl - Bradford, MA

I highly recommend Lana and her services. I’ve found Lana’s readings to be highly intuitive and on target. She has a keen ability to tune in to your energy and deliver messages with a high level of accuracy. I’m amazed with her abilities each time I work with her. Lana knew nothing about me or my family when she began delivering messages to me. I was blown away by the content … it was so reassuring. Lana is highly gifted. If you’d like closure with someone who has passed, a reading with Lana could bring you peace or closure.  

 Owner of Feng Shui Connections,  Feng Shui Expert | Consultant, Speaker, Teacher, Author | 

Peg - NH, USA.

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Mother and Son

The light that is Lana entered my life during the darkest time I have ever known. Two and a half years ago, the unthinkable happened. Every parent's worst fear became a devastating and life-altering reality when we lost our beloved teenage son, suddenly and tragically.  In what seemed like an instant, life as I knew it was changed forever.  Broken beyond words, I struggled to get through each and everyday that followed. 

Five months into the nightmare that had become my daily existence, once again my life was transformed by another unforeseen event. Right from the start, my initial connection with Lana was a turning point in my grieving process. Her gift has brought me something that I am not able to receive from anywhere or anyone else. Her ability to communicate with my loving son, as well as other family members that have passed on, has brought me more comfort and peace than I have ever known in my life. She is one of the most honest, direct, and kindest people I have ever met. Both she and the spirits that come through to her are incredibly real. By sharing her gifts, she is able to create a bridge between the living and the departed, thereby bringing a little heaven to earth to those of us who need it most. 

I am, and will forever be, grateful for knowing Lana. 

After my first time speaking with Lana I was amazed! She delivered so many messages to me and connected  to my loved ones who I really needed to hear from. I couldn't believe the amount of names and connections Lana was able to pick up on. Lana was so sweet and I felt like I was talking to an old friend. I cannot wait to speak with Lana again ! 

Boston, Ma,  Reilly.

I had the pleasure of experiencing a hypnosis session with Lana today. She gently guided me to a place of relaxation with her voice and suggested visualizations. My journey through hypnosis was very comfortable, extremely visual and empathic. At one point I arrived at my favorite meditation/journey location, and Lana began to describe this in detail at the same time. It was as if we were there together. 

Lana easily combined her clairvoyance and strong communication with spirit to assist the releasing my heart required. I highly recommend Lana‘s work as her compassion and love come through in her sessions. 

The bonus with her session was the physical, emotional and mental relaxation at the end of our time together. Lana asked me how long did you think you were under? 

I responded, about 30 minutes. Much to my surprise I was told it was 90 minutes. Thank you Lana for the amazing experience.



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