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  • What is the Difference between Psychic and Medium Readers?
    Mediums have different tools of trade than do the psychic readers because mediums often communicate with the spirits through descriptions of information and images which often are personal in nature to their clients... Psychics use the vibrational energy of a place, person or thing to receive information pertaining to a client... Every psychic or medium may have certain preferences or levels of comfort ability in terms of places or objects with which they work... Among the general public, psychic mediums are perceived to be more credible than the psychic readers..
  • Are my Loved ones always with me ?
    Yes, our Loved Ones are around I also believe that spirit can be at different places at the same time . Your family and friends aren’t around you 24/7, but when there’s a crisis or emergency, they’re there when you need them. It is the same way with your family and friends in the Spirit World.
  • Suggestions for a Positive Reading?
    Some people find it useful to meditate in a quiet place before experiencing a reading, as having a calm state of mind can foster positive energy which helps the reader receive the spirits. We recommend tips to stay calm and help channel the best experience for your reading. As part of your meditation it might be helpful to think about the spirit you want to be present at the reading. Think about how you felt about this person and still feel about them now that they have passed. Send the spirit your love and prayers, if appropriate, as this can help the spirit come through. It is important to remember that the spirit you were hoping would come through may not communicate with you. This doesn’t mean the particular spirit will not come through the next time you have a reading and it could simply be that the person who has passed over is on a different part of his or her journey in the spirit world, and is not ready to make contact.
  • What Happens if my loved one doesn't come through?
    It is a good idea to consider how you might feel emotionally during a reading, particularly if you have very recently lost a loved one. It is understandable that you may desperately want to make contact with the person you have recently lost but when you have a medium reading, it may be the case that you receive messages from other spirits and not necessarily the one you wanted to hear from most of all. This can be extremely disappointing and painful and it is important that you are in a strong enough place emotionally to cope with this. I suggest to everyone whether its for you or a loved one that you want to receive a reading with me, I ask to please wait at least 3 months after the passing, and allow yourself to heal from the loss of a loved one and the grieving process, At early times people are not in any shape or form to hear from their loved ones. Sometimes emotions are just too raw and they will not even be able to comprehend and or handle the message that Spirit may give.
Lana's Guidelines, Who I AM, How I Work

After  many years of doing this work , I have realized how I work with those who have crossed over. These are the abilities how I receive my information so that you may have a better understanding.

I am (clairvoyant): 

I see Spirit in shadow form and or completely clear when they step forward and present themselves to me. I also see symbols as well. 

Example:  If I am seeing a Balloon it could be to say the word balloon or, their is a birthday and or celebration.

I am clairaudient (I hear):

Names, dates and receive the messages from the SOUL that has left the earth plane, directly in my ear. Sometimes softly, loud and sometimes in different languages. I hear the information that I am supposed to deliver to you and pass on. I am connecting to a soul that no longer has a physical body, and we communicate with the power of thought.

I am clairsentient (I feel):

I will psychically feel if I am connecting to a man, woman, child, mother, father, grandparent, etc. I will feel how they passed, their personality, and try to explain exactly what I am feeling to you so you know I am connecting with your loved one.

Please listen to what information is coming forward. It may not mean anything to me, but could be very significant to you. Also please DO NOT wait to hear what YOU want to hear. Some spirits have their own agenda of what they want to express. I can only give you what I am getting, and interpret the information to the best of my ability.

All kinds of evidence come out in a session, whether it is significant or what may seem to you to be quite trivial. It is all the small things that make up our lives.

If I give you a name, it does not have to be from someone who has passed. It could be someone here who you are connected with, as I never know where each session will go. Each and every session is different. If you do not understand the information being received, please write it down and check the information with your family and friends.

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