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All my life, I have lived to strive for something. Be a goal, a mission, a milestone, or result. And when you reach these things, it drives you. It fuels you to do more. It inspires you. But, at some point, you realize that is all you are about. You spend every moment thinking and working toward the goal. And for some things, that is absolutely what it obsession. But, what Many fail to realize is that you can miss out on the experience of life along the way. And one day, you do wake up, whether you are 30, 40, 50, whatever, and you realize all that you may have missed. Don't miss out. The solution I have found to balance this is to schedule intense periods of focused, driven work to reach a goal, milestone, etc., followed by short periods of re-charge focused on the experiences of life with those around you. I mean what good is it to work your ass off for 20+ years and miss out on your best years and everything the world has to offer you. There is a balance and you must find it and strive to live fully now.Choose another direction when you see road blocks in your life ,. KNOW that God and spirits is showing you.. You Always have choices in life . choose what's best for you . take deep breathes. Listen to your heart. So that you are being true to yourself. And live your soul purpose in your life path. Love always Me

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