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"As mothers, we often feel like we have more than enough on our plate, but don’t forget about the man standing beside you." One of the fastest ways to destroy a relationship is to get comfortable. By that I mean, stop doing the things that brought you together. And going even further, to always strive to be better. There are many reasons to date, fall in love, and marry someone, but I believe one of the most important should be that, as a couple, you share the same goals, or at the very least, have goals that drive you. Communicate is KEY! T Take the day exploring nature and taking in wondrous views while breathing deeply of fresh, mountain air. Pondering the blessings

It reminds us to take a step back from the whirlwind of life to appreciate each other and our children for who they are and how much joy (and mayhem) they’ve brought us because no matter how tough parenting can be, we all love our children .

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