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Time doesn't give you "times", its just once. Now, close your eyes. Imagine your closest bestfriends, family , loved ones remember all of your bitter sweet moments, remember the first time you were broken hearted, the first time you kissed, when you said 'i love you' to someone, when you said 'goodbye', when you said 'sorry' and 'thank you'. Learn to appreciate everything you have or had. This Is a reminder that all of have us loved and lost . Relationships are work. Make every day count. Know that even though our loved ones are not here on the physical earth, their Spirit lives on . They want us to be Happy and love each other. They watch us from above. When we live in Love unconditionally and being kind, know that they are Happy for us . Speak to them they hear you ask for guidance .Their Love never dies. Appreciate them and each other every day . <3 Love Always Me

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