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*Stress, especially chronic stress, depletes you in every possible way. 1.FOCUS_ on a few true friends. 2.Clean out your closets and DE_CLUTTER your surroundings, donate them to a worthy charity. Recycle, repurpose or toss out everything else Including jobs, and people that is not in your highest good !!!. 3.Practice GRATITUDE daily-Being grateful is a personal sentiment in the sense that you’re putting out to the universe a thank-you for what you value. The more you practice gratitude daily, the more your well-being will improve and the happier with your life you’ll be. 4.Enrich your SPIRITUALLY -A sense of connectedness to the universe, to the God as you know Him or Her is always beneficial in expanding your enjoyment of this precious life on earth. 5.Make TIME for yourself- it is not selfish ,do what gives you pleasure and brings Joy ,go for that walk in nature, read a good book, garden or other form of relaxation or activity. You’ll know you’ve simplified your life if you feel good about doing what you like. It will also make today much more enjoyable 6.LIVE in the present-This is also called Mindfulness. Frankly, the present is when you LIVE. Being aware of things, people, nature, sounds touch and smell use all of your senses . You cannot relive the past or experience the future. Today ! Make the most of today by fully being present in the moment. Listen to the rain drops, listen to your breath, listen to your soul, It doesn’t get any simpler or better than that to enjoy your life more .

Meditation and Prayer is key , It's a crazy world we live in ,Everything's happening so fast in our world , So take a moment and clear the mind and just be totally present is so healing , *Laughter is so Important not only does it make us happy but, it also has actual health benefits .That's because laughter completely engages the body and releases the mind. It connects us to others and ,that in itself is Healing.

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