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Fear is what stops everyone living your life. There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. Take a leap of fate , think of all the possibilities, you never know who you could help This Is one of the best times to Recognize anything that holds you back , Clean out your clutter in your life, let things GO, which I mean old grudges, old items, old pain . Make room for NEW! ,Some of us get attached to THINGS, some of us hold on to the ONCE WAS and even grudges, , even myself at times. Clean your home , get rid of things that don't serve you anymore, drop it off to the local shelters or give the items to people that really need it. By honoring them every day in Happiness in pure Love from our Hearts. Its painful With losing love ones we all have been there. We have good days and bad days , send yourself love , do things for you , have compassion for yourself and others., Most of all Forgive yourself and others, the quick you let go , the quick you can begin your healing process

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